In this portal, you will find information related to the organizational structures of the National Centralized Public Administration, decentralized companies and State companies. This site allows you to know the objectives and responsibilities of each area such as; government, organizational charts, regulations and designated authorities in public bodies.

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Regulations associated with Structure, Designations, Objectives, Competencies, Responsibilities and Actions

*Updated data to 08-11-2019- The information is in the process of developing and consolidating

Data source: Integrated Map of the State Database (BIME) about the Boletín Oficial de la República Argentina

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In this website you will find information related to the National Public Administration - centralized, deconcentrated, decentralized- and Entities of the National Public Sector.

The available information includes up to the Second Operational Level of each jurisdiction, from December 10, 2015 to the date of the last update.

In order to become transparent and provide the whole information about the National Public Administration, it is available for download the organizational structure in PDF and CSV formats, comprehensive and by jurisdiction, as well as the different organizational charts by ministry and decentralized organizations.

This site is in a permanent process of updating.